OTA Girls hammer the Arkansas State Closed

30 OTA players – not to mention 4 coaches – traveled to Little Rock to sit in the rain… I mean, for the Arkansas State Closed.  Actually the rain wasn’t so bad.  While it made the Saturday schedule jam-packed, and Sunday DID last a little longer than usual, it was still the coolest Closed anyone there could ever remember!!

To be honest, the real beneficiaries of the weather were the spectators.  Our players are in such good shape that they were generally able to physically handle everything the weekend threw their way, and could have handled the usual Closed heat as well or better than the rest.  The final day showed that, as even when it got a little warmer, we closed out the tournament with a flurry of wins.

Ella at Closed 2013

Here are the top finishers from the weekend:

Ella Coleman – G 10s – Champion in Singles and Doubles

Brooke Killingsworth – G 12s – Champion in Singles and Doubles

Emma Baker – G 16s – Singles Champion, Doubles Finalist

Ryan Hargrove – B 16s –Singles Finalist

Emily Anne Gean – G 14s – 3rd place

Kyle Henry – B 18s – 4th Place in Singles, Doubles Finalist

Harshit Dhayal – B 10s – 5th place

Matthew Freeman – B 12s – 5th place

Catherine Nettle – G 16s – 5th place in Singles, Doubles Finalist

Kruti Shah – G 16s – Doubles Champion

Lexi Beaver – G 18s – 5th place

Dylan DeLuca – B 18s – 5th place

drew, emma, brooke at closed 2013

Clearly, our girls were the stars of the tournament this time!  To win 3 of the 5 girls divisions – and to place in all 5 – is a pretty rare event at this tournament.  (We were actually close to having a girl in the finals of 4 divisions, as Emily Anne narrowly dropped a third set breaker in the Girls 14 semis!)  In all, over a third of the players we brought placed in their divisions, and we are happy to see the group’s effort and dedication this summer pay off.

Thank you to all of the players and parent who attended, you represented yourselves and OTA incredibly well!!!

!Yazzy Closed 2013