OTA Academy Groups


Progressive Advancement/Goal Setting



One of the cornerstones of OTA philosophy is that players must have a clear understanding of what they must do to reach the next level, as well as the motivation to try for it. This is evident in the organization of the program, and the progression of a player from one group to the next.







OTA Red – Ages 5-7 – Use QuickStart nets and red (25% compression) balls on a 36′ court. Move to Big Red by coaches’ decision, or to Orange by turning age 9.



OTA Orange – Ages 7-10 – Use orange (50% compression) balls on a 60′ court. Move to Orange Crush by coaches’ decision, or Green by turning age 11.

OTA Orange Crush – Ages 7-10 – Use orange (50% compression) balls on a 60′ court.  We look for them to able to hit 100 consecutive balls from the 60′ baseline and execute topspin. Move to White or Black by coaches’ decision, or Green by turning age 11.





OTA White – Ages 11-16 – Intermediate tournament players. Move to next level by coaches’ decision, or becoming an Open level player.

OTA Black – Ages 10-18- The more serious tournament player that is putting more time into the sport.  Move to next level by coaches decision.

OTA Elite — Ages 12+ — It  is designed for high school and tournament players wanting to take their game to the next level. Players at this level will be challenged in a fun, yet competitive environment. ELITE players will be motivated to become the best tennis version of themselves. All aspects of strategy, tactics in both singles and doubles, situational point play and new techniques that will allow players to create the pace and spin with the consistency to elevate their game will be taught and encouraged at this level. ELITE players are expected to play USTA local, South and National tournaments.