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Congratulations Mallory, Haeleigh, Kruti, and Robert!

The state doubles finals was quite the OTA event!  Mallory Tabler and her partner from Bentonville High narrowly defeated Haeleigh Long and her Rogers High partner 6-2, 7-5.  The win was the culmination of an extremely successful career for Mallory, but one that had consistently seen her come up just shy of the elusive state title.  In all 3 of her previous years, she was a doubles finalist, placing second every time.  Bringing home the championship was not only critical to her team’s success, but also was an excellent way to close her individual career.  Oh, and Haeleigh?  All she did was contribute to 3 state titles for the Mounties in her career.

mal at state

Winning the doubles title also helped the Bentonville girls win the team title.  Kruti Shah qualified in singles for the Tigers, making the quarterfinals to give her squad some much-needed help in the points department.  Fantastic job for all the girls!


And finally, in a busy week for OTA, Robert Terry (pictured above in the red with LITTLE brother Doug) was announced as the recipient of the Jay Freeman Award, presented by the Arkansas Tennis Association to the most improved boy in the state.  It comes as no surprise to his coaches, who have watched him develop into a solid player, and a great teammate, and a true OTA leader.  Congratulations, Robert, you deserve it!

Mental Training for OTA

Jason Leal, OTA’s Process Communication Model trainer, recently completed his Primal Blueprint certification, which covers all aspects of healthy living, from nutrition to sleep habits to sun exposure to exercise, and much, much more.  Since just before he began working with OTA coaches and players, he has lost over 125 lbs through improved nutrition (like Coach Jared he is a paleo enthusiast) and a dedication to fitness in general — CrossFit in specific.  Jason continues to work closely with OTA coaches to improve their ability to connect with players, and also serves as an excellent role model for living a healthy lifestyle.  For more information about our mental training program, please contact Jared or Christy.

Process Communication Model

Every player is unique, because every child is unique.  All of us have our own way of communicating our needs and preferences – and just as importantly, ways of communicating that connect with us better than others.  At OTA, we strive to create an environment that maximizes the quality of communication between players and coaches.

In order to optimize our oncourt interactions, OTA uses the Process Communication Model (PCM®).  PCM is a learning tool to enrich interpersonal communications, which enables coaches to connect with and motivate players, helping each to meet his or her own goals.  PCM is a language-based personality and communications model created by Dr. Taibi Kahler, a developmental psychologist from Purdue University. Dr. Kahler’s model provides a vehicle and framework for helping people tailor communication so that everyone – regardless of their intrinsic communication style – can truly hear the intended message.

At OTA, we require every long-term coach to complete a training course in PCM. (OTA parents are encouraged to learn PCM, too, either through a one-day introductory workshop, or by taking an entire course.)  Coaches follow up on a player’s PCM training by more effectively communicating messages on technique, strategy, or handling competitive stress.  Our ability to more quickly connect with a player who has been through PCM enables us to increase the quality of time we are able to spend with each player.


PCM Trainer

Jason-Leal-Web-240x300Jason Leal is the owner of Talknotch, a consulting company that specializes in communication and team dynamics. He currently lives in Newton, Kansas and has worked for Prairie View Behavior Health for the last 15 years. At Prairie View, his focus has been on Intra-personal and Team development. He has spent much of his professional career decoding the nuances of unproductive communication and interpersonal conflict.

Jason is a certified Process Communication Trainer, and has been working with PCM for the last 4 years. He currently works closely with Next Element Inc., an associate Process Communication Training group where he became licensed in PCM and Certified in NEOS, an outcomes measurement instrument used to measure process change in groups and individuals, and which is currently being evaluated as a potential training tool for OTA players as well.

He is also a certified Leading Out of Drama trainer, the only certified Behavior Management Through Adventure trainer in Kansas, and is an associate trainer with the Boston-based company, Project Adventure. Through BMTA, he works with professionals around the state developing skills in conflict negotiation. In addition, he has been a certified Experiential Facilitator/Trainer for the last 8 years, working with a diverse population, from adolescents to Executives.  With his facilitation, groups have been able to learn effective strategies in communication, and individuals how to better recognize and respond to the gifts of others.

Perhaps what makes Jason most in-line with OTA philosophies is his own personal journey and transformation.  He has lost over 125 lbs through improved nutrition (like Coach Jared he is a paleo enthusiast) and a dedication to fitness in general — CrossFit in specific.  In addition to his behavioral therapy, Jason is a health and fitness trainer as well.  He recently completed his Primal Blueprint certification, which covers all aspects of healthy living, from nutrition to sleep habits to sun exposure to exercise, and much, much more.

Catherine and Jared

“Often coaches are left guessing whether or not players truly understand them.  PCM has taken the blindfold off, and allowed OTA coaches to communicate their message in a much more precise, effective manner.  PCM has proven to be an invaluable tool that dramatically improves the time we spend with our players.”

– Jared Ward, Owner/Director, Ozark Tennis Academy

“I believe the PCM opportunity has enriched Catherine’s overall tennis game, and in turn, has been a key component to her playing success.  PCM has given her coaches the opportunity to better understand Catherine’s personality and how she responds to instruction, so that she can apply what she has learned to her game, and make the most out of every lesson and drill.”
– Susan Nettle, OTA Parent



Talk Notch

Kahler Communication Europe (look under the Personality tab for more information on specific personality types)

Next Element

CrossFit for OTA

The new session begins November 3rd, and Coach Kelley is excited to get the gang together again!  Class is from 2:30-3:30, Monday through Friday.  If you are interested in attending, but need a 4:30 class in order to suit your schedule, please let Jared know!


CrossFit 8Ozark Tennis Academy trains at CrossFit NWA… and loves it!  Our players who take advantage of this program have shown tremendous gains, on and off court.  Coach Lee and Coach Kelley are our primary trainers, though we regularly have the opportunity to work with many of the other fantastic coaches as well.  CrossFit 1Monday through Friday, from 2:30-3:30, you can find high school OTA players busting out reps of pull ups, power cleans, 400 m sprints, or any other possible exercise you can think of!!  We also have workouts for our younger players as well, and in the summer, Coach Kelley runs them through a CrossFit Kids-style program.  Please let us know if you are interested in joining this unique training program with us.

CrossFit 5


Lee bio 2

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Running/Endurance
CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor
CrossFit Gymnastics
Physical Fitness Specialist Cooper Institute
Level 1 Sport Performance Coach – USA Weightlifting




Kelley - bio pic

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer