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2019-2020 Winter Session Rates

*Winter drills will be at Harvest Racquets and Athletics (201 N 37th St, Rogers).

OTA Billing Information and Policies

Drill costs are listed below. Drill costs are based on two 9wk periods. The cost listed is for 9 weeks.  There are two 9 week periods.

**There are 9 weeks/9drills of each day except Wednesday and Thursday (only 8).If this is one of your drill days please note there will be another drill added during the session to make that up.  This drill time will be communicated to you by the coaches at a later date.
We do not recommend dropping in as a replacement for registering for drills.  If you choose to drop in the rate is $45 per drill.
Make-up Drills:  If you have to miss due to illness, etc, you may make up the missed drill on another day offered. **All missed drills have to made up within the session the days were missed.
Sibling Discount:  We have a sibling discount for Elite, Black, White, and Orange Crush.  When you receive your invoice you will get $100 off ONE of the siblings.
Registration is for the entire winter session.  If you are already attending the first Winter period, there is no need to re-register for the second period.   

NEW players (not enrolled in session 1) DO need to register online for Winter Session 2. 

Once you have registered you will receive an invoice via email.

If you need to alter your schedule after you have registered you can do so before the new period begins by emailing Meredith at  

There are three ways to make a payment:

  1. Pay online using the link on the invoice.
  2. Bring a check payable to OTA or cash during the FIRST WEEK of drills 
  3. Mail your check to Ozark Tennis Academy P.O. Box 918 Bentonville, AR 72712

Drop In Rate for Drills:  $45 per drill

For other questions concerning invoices or billing please contact Meridith at or Christy at


2019-2020 WINTER DRILLS 

November 4-March 21 (No drills Nov 25-30, Dec 23- Jan 2)

Pay Periods, Charge dates, & Due dates

  • 1st Pay Period:  Nov 4-Jan 18 (charged Nov 4th, due by Nov 18th) Late fees assessed Nov 22
  • 2nd Pay Period:  Jan 20-March 21 (charged Jan 20 , due by Feb 3) Late fees assessed Feb 7.

Drill Times/Rates


Monday 7-8:30pm

Thursday 7-8:30pm

1 day $280 per 9wk session  

2 days $460 per 9wk session  

***OTA Elite is coaches discretion. You must be approved by a coach to register for this class.**


Monday 5:30-7pm

Thursday: 5:30-7pm

1 day $280 per 9wk session  

2 days $460 per 9wk session  


Thursday 4-5:30pm

Saturday 9-10:30am

1 day $280 per 9wk session

2 days $460 per 9wk session                                                                                                


Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm

Saturday 10:30-11:30am

1 day $235 per 9wk session

2 days $370 per 9wk session


Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm  ($135 per 9wk session)


Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm ($135 per 9wk session)




Private lessons at Harvest need to be paid for at the time of the lesson.  Checks should be made payable to OTA and given to the coach who is teaching the lesson.  Prepaying for multiple indoor privates is an option.  If you would like to prepay you will need to communicate that with the coach and they will keep track of the lessons you have purchased. YOU WILL ONLY BE INVOICED FOR A PRIVATE LESSON IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID FOR THAT LESSON!

Harvest Private lesson costs:

1 Hour Private: $60 (one person)

1 Hour Semi-private (two people):  $40 per person



Coaching Fee is determined by coaches expenses. The average coaching fee (with no gas, hotel, etc) is $50 but can be more depending on how many players traveling to the tournament.

All privates and lessons at Memorial Park must be purchased through Bentonville Parks and Recreation.