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At OTA, we are Family.  We work hard and manage our time to reach our goals.  We have FUN!  We believe in ourselves, our teammates, and the OTA Way.  We give ourselves space to dream. And then we put our dreams into action.

Ozark Tennis Academy is designed to address the needs of everyone from the beginning tournament player to the future collegiate star.  We understand that not every player is looking to be the next Rafa Nadal or Maria Sharapova.  Still, we believe that developing a strong work ethic, being part of a team, and discovering how to compete with passion and class are invaluable lessons in life… and that learning those lessons can be FUN!  This comprehensive program is designed to give all of our players a chance to realize their potential – both on and off the court.

Like the OTA tree, we are constantly growing, changing, maturing.  We are a system with strong roots, but we view each player as unique, with the ability to blossom into whatever they can dream.  We accept that everyone is different, and while we have basic principles as to how things should be done, each player is allowed to have his or her own style of play within that framework – they become their own leaf.

Family.  Hard work.  Fun.  Belief.  Dreams.  Action.  It’s the OTA Way!